Revuele No Problem Facial Matt Effect tonic

Revuele No Problem Facial Matt Effect tonic

Matting facial tonic

Against enlarged pores and blackheads

Zinc oxide, Silver ions Ag +, Salicylic acid

Fast-mat complex™

Luster control

For oily and combination skin


This soft facial tonic gently removes impurities and gives your skin a velvety matte finish without an oily sheen. This product removes excess sebum, helps to contract and cleanse your pores and improves your complexion. The silver ions have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.. The salicylic acid dries up acne, prevents the formation of blackheads and the “plugging” of your pores. The Fast-mat complex ™ instantly adds a matte finish to your skin, regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands, reduces the excessive secretion of sebum (surface skin fat). This tonic does not leave a feeling of tightness. After the first application, your skin is rendered matte, your pores become smaller and the natural humidity of your skin is restored. This product is alcohol-free.

Application: Shake well before use. Apply a small amount of the tonic onto a cotton disc. Wipe the already cleansed skin of your face with light movements. Use morning and night. Precipitation is possible due to the active ingredients of natural origin.