Revuele  Bioactive Skincare  3D Hyaluron+Antioxidant Hydro-gel mask
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Revuele Bioactive Skincare 3D Hyaluron+Antioxidant Hydro-gel mask

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Intensive concentrated formula in a product with a lightweight airy texture. Wrinkles form in spots with a reduced level of skin moisturizing. The content of small-molecule hyaluronic acid provides for an instant hydro-balance boost and saturation with moisture, restores skin tightness, and prevents from deep creases which are the permanent companions of the first wrinkles. The activity of natural biologically sourced antioxidants speeds up the process of self-renewal – the indicator of cell vitality and skin youth. You will see how the immediate and prolonged activity of the mask enhances and rejuvenates your skin.


Noticeably enhanced skin appearance

Reduced formation of fine lines and wrinkles

Noticeably tightened skin and accelerated cell renewal

Reduced signs of fatigue

Smoother and silky skin

Application: Apply every day onto cleansed skin of your face, neck and decollate, avoiding the eye contour.

Volume: 80ml

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