Revuele Vanilla latte
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Revuele Vanilla latte

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Vanilla latte


This coffee peeling treatment softly removes keratinized cells and it does not overdry, irritate or traumatize your skin. The rich thick texture contains pulverized coffee beans which thanks to their antioxidant properties fight skin laxity and smooth out the skin surface; they also stimulate detoxification and have anti-cellulite lymphatic drainage action in problem areas. A regular scrubbing routine (2 times per week) can noticeably smooth out and rejuvenate your skin. It not only becomes cleaner but a better effect from subsequent application of moisturizers and nourishers is also observed. The invigorating boost delivered by the harsh fragrant coffee coupled with the sweet vanilla wakens the tired skin cells, renovates and charges you with energy.

Application: apply the product onto moisturized skin, rub in the exfoliant with soft massaging movements for 5-10 minutes in the problem areas of your body, rinse off without the use of soap.


This ultra-nourishing product provides intensive restoration, strengthening and moisturizing, it makes your skin soft, tender and protected The caffeine in the product tones, nourishes, increases the resistance of your skin to the negative external action of hard water, aggressive chemical agents, dryness of the air and the stress of weather. The effect of caffeine strengthens your blood circulation and the penetration of potassium into the fat cells, speeds up the removal of fluid and sodium. The anti-oxidants increase your skin elasticity and smooth out the smaller/shallower wrinkles. The polyphenols boost the production of collagen and elastin in cells which leads to a visual lifting effect. The carotenoids are responsible for a healthy looking skin; they remove greyness and sallowness and thanks to carotenoids your skin has beautiful matte shade.

Application: apply with light massaging movements, paying special attention to flaky skin areas, 1-2 times per day.

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