REVUELE SLIM & DETOX WITH CAFFEINE Correcting Gel for Waist and Abdomen

SKU: 911390

Size: 200 ml, 12 pcs

Correcting gel for waist and abdomen, enriched with Caffeine, Liftliss Complex™, and Collasol  Complex™ improves the elasticity of the skin to make the problem area tighter, shaped, and lifted.

Active complex based on Caffeine:

• makes skin more elastic and smooth
• restores skin tone and elasticity
• has a lifting effect reducing the appearance of sagging skin
• promotes lymph flow and toxins removal
• moisturizes and gives softness
• removes excess liquid from the tissues, correcting the silhouette
• helps burn fats.

Thanks to Liftliss and Collosol Complexes the corrective gel promotes the accelerated breakdown of fat in the subcutaneous layer, has a tonic effect on blood vessels and stimulates blood circulation so that the contours of the body are reduced significantly, particularly when combined with a moderate diet and physical activity. Thanks to the Collagen contained in the product the skin becomes tighter, safely protected from “sagging” and the appearance of stretch marks.