REVUELE SLIM & DETOX WITH CAFFEINE Sculpting Cream for Chin, Neck & Decollete

SKU: 901420

Size: 150 ml, 12 pcs

Sculpturing cream for chin, neck, and décolleté,  enriched with Caffeine and Lipomoist™ Complex,  helps the skin to become firmer and more elastic.

Thanks to a special Lipomoist Complex this unique lifting cream fights against fat deposits and restores the elasticity of the skin of the chin, shoulders and the inner part of the forearm. The skin of these areas is particularly prone to sagging, loss of elasticity, accumulation of fat and water, with the lowest possible correction.
Due to the combined effect of the Lipomoist Complex and Caffeine, the fat is “burned”; as well as the improvement of lymphatic drainage, removal of oedema and the simultaneous strengthening of the skin, restoration of its elasticity and smoothness. As a result, the contours in the affected area become clearer, the skin is lifted and aligned, actively lifting and slimming takes place.