REVUELE Depilatory Cream 8in1 for hypersensitive skin

SKU: 910898

Size: 125 ml, 12 pcs

For hypersensitive skin with weak blood capillaries. Helps prevent “venous pattern”.

Soft gentle cream is specially recommended for sensitive skin prone to the appearance of varicose veins and “spider veins”.
Absolute removal of unwanted hair.
2. Formula with anti-inflammatory and soothing effect strengthens capillaries and provides skin care.
3. Horse chestnut prevents the appearance of venous pattern and reduces its visibility
4. CapiSlow complex makes the hair weak and slows their growth
5. The cream enriched with oils revents irritations
6. Plant extracts accelerate regeneration of the skin after the procedure
7. Provides rapid removal of even short hair
8. The legs skin looks perfect, velvety to the touch, like after the salon procedures and retains smoothness for a long time.