REVUELE DR. RICHARDS Oxygen Mousse with Light Texture

SKU: 902014

Size: 150 ml, 12 pcs

This soft airy mousse gently cleanses the skin, helps to remove impurities. Its gentle but effective formula doesn’t dry or tighten the skin, but leaves it soft and silky. The active components help shrinking the open pores, deeply cleanse the excess sebum, and normalize the sebaceous glands, preparing the skin for subsequent care. Contained in the mousse composition milk proteins stimulate the production of lactose, and amino acids in the dermis that provides a protective skin spillway, providing elasticity and hydration. The extract of the Neem Tree deeply cleanses the skin while nourishes it. Acids tamarind pulp smooth surface of the skin, gently removing dead skin cells and preventing clogged pores. Formula without alcohol allows the use of mousse in the eye area.