REVUELE SNAIL ESSENCE Deeply Moisturising Gel Mask for The Face, Neck and Eye Contour

SKU: 100848

Size: 7ml, show box 3 * 24 pcs; 72 pcs/carton box

Hydrogel mask with light and fresh texture, especially suitable for dehydrated, ultra-dry, or tired skin with first signs of ageing. Due to the exclusive concentration of moisturising and regenerating substances in the enzymes of the snail secretion, the mask removes traces of fatigue and stress, moisturises and tones, increases elasticity and smoothes the skin. The skin looks brighter and evener. Intensively affects the area around the eyes, smoothing the facial wrinkles and making the thin skin of the eyelids more elastic and dense. It has a long-lasting effect, filling the cells with moisture, allowing you to retain a sense of hydration even in conditions of dry air, wind and other harmful factors. Snail Filtrate additionally protects the skin from UV damage and slows the ageing of the skin due to the presence of antioxidants and soothing plant extracts.

-increased moisture level and improved skin elasticity
– reduced depth of wrinkles and smooths the skin
– protects against dryness and photoaging and improves complexion