REVUELE MEZODERM Make-up Remover Lotion Skin Toning & Biorevitalization

SKU: 901727

Size: 200 ml, 12 pcs

This soft nutritional product is designed for gentle cleansing of the face and delicate make-up removal. It helps increase the moisture content in the skin and protects cells from stress exposure to irritating external factors. Gentle formula does not affect the barrier functions of sensitive face skin. The product contains COVA B TROX complex which includes active marine magnesium, algae extract, polysaccharides, chicory root and maltose. This composition slows down the process of premature skin aging, tightens it, regenerates, quickly restores and maintains constant renewal at cellular level creating the effect of skin biorevitalization. Panthenol intensely nourishes the skin, increases the strength of collagen fibers and tones up blood vessels.