SKU: 100350

Size: 400 ml, 12 pcs

The Micellar Water gently cleanses the skin, removing dirt and sebum whilst deeply nourishing the skin. Enriched with soothing ingredients that calm and soften dry and sensitive skin, the product provides delicate care.
The active component of micellar water – the micelles, are microscopic compounds that capture even the smallest contamination. They remove harmful substances without damaging the lipid structure of the skin, preserving its comfort and softness. The Micellar Water helps to tone the skin and maintain skin elasticity.
Biolin Complex protects against harmful external influences by restoring the natural
the protective barrier of the skin whilst helping reduce redness and irritation.
Panthenol – stimulates cell regeneration, nourishes the skin deeply and eliminates irritation. Helps you achieve healthy and radiant skin.

RESULTS: Removes make-up in one motion. Skin is left hydrated, reducing redness and dryness.