REVUELE MEZODERM Express Night Serum

SKU: 902465

Size: 50 ml, 12 pcs

Innovative Express-Serum Is a product specifically developed for intensive nourishing and rejuvenation of the skin at nighttime, since the dermis cells stay calm and relaxed while you are asleep. The product contains COVA B TROX complex witch includes active marine magnesium, algae extract, polysaccharides, chicory root and maltose. This compositon produce immediate effect on the cells of epidermis, increasing their growth, recovery and regeneration. COVA B TROX effects: relaxes the muscle fibers; provies long-lasting hydration; revitalizes the skin; produces the long-lasting wrinkles-smoothing effect; can be used as a mesotherapy alternative; evens the skin complexion, forms a protective film. Natural Betaine (sugar beet extract) being the component of the product, deeply moisturizesyour skin, soothes and prevents it from ovedrying, sloughing, eliminates the feeling of tightness and cleans and protects the skin from the negative external effects. Argirelin Peptide contained in Express-Serum noticeably reduces the depth of expression and age-related wrinkles (and does this immediately) and maintains the effect of Botox