REVUELE GIFT SET Hamam secret with Ghassoul clay

SKU: 902700

Size: Hair Shampoo 250 ml + Hair Conditioner 200 ml

The useful properties of the Ghassoul clay, also known as Rhassoul, have been known for centuries in Arab countries. This word is derived from the Arab word “rassala”, which means “to clean”. Eastern women used the Ghassoul clay for hair cleaning and hair care, handing down the secrets of the magic products from generation to generation; today this is a well-known product for hair restoration and revitalizing. This clay is rich in vitamins and minerals and allows to make your hair silky, improve its density, strengthen its structure, and restore its gloss. Its natural origin makes it suitable to use on sensitive skin because it minimizes the risk of allergic reactions. Despite the biased belief clay does not dry your hair and skin at all and its cleaning effect is preserved longer than the effect from ordinary products. The revitalizing effect on your scalp, the activation of hair growth and the strengthening of hair structure, the protection from the negative factors of the environment and from damage makes the Ghassoul clay an exquisite hair-care product for all hair types.