REVUELE BEAUTY BALM Total Repair for brittle hair with split ends

SKU: 902137

Size: 150 ml, 12 pcs

REVUELE BB Beauty Balm TOTAL REPAIR for brittle hair with split ends:
• renewal hair structure
• deep nutrition
• sealing split ends
The perfect formula for deep nourishment of the hair, detangling split ends and restoring the hair structure from within. Liquid Keratin and the Complex of bio-oils, penetrating the hair structure, provide an intense restoring action, fill up the damaged scales on the surface of the hair and “seal” the split ends. The latest “All in one” development has a multifunction regenerating effect on the hair. The structure of the hair is smoothed; it becomes softer and more supple. The light texture does not weigh down the hair, it is easy to apply and spread through the hair.