REVUELE ZINC+ Hair Conditioner Anti-Dandruff

SKU: 911376

Size: 200 ml, 12 pcs

The dermatological product is developed specifically for dandruff removal of various origins and extensive nourishment of the sensitive scalp. The mask conditioner is suitable for any type of hair with a pronounced problem of dandruff, has an exfoliating action, tones the hair structure along its length.
The basic structure of the conditioner is a complex of plant extracts Polyplant Hair® (Spain). Due to the higher content of bioactive components, the complex has a beneficial effect on the blood circulation of the scalp, eliminating irritation, maintaining hair nourishment and regulating the function of the sebaceous glands.
Zinc pyrithione provides Keratin regulating effect and reduces inflammation of the scalp.

Soft conditioning formula does not irritate the scalp and ensures easy combing of the hair with an antistatic effect.