REVUELE PROFESSIONAL HAIR PRODUCTS Intensive Hair Mask with Thermo Effect Hot Therapy

SKU: 904230

Size: 500 ml, 6 pcs

Extract of Cayenne Red Pepper – creates a heating effect on the skin it strengthens the hair, accelerates it growth and is able to “wake up” dormant hair follicles. Effectively protects the bulbs and greatly moisturises hair follicles, making them stronger, more elastic and full of shine with a rich color. A completely natural plant-based complex does not require preservatives, which reduces the negative effect on the hair and enhances the effect obtained from each procedure.
Keratrix™ is a restorative, natural ingredient which helps protect and restore damaged and weakened hair. It increases hair strength and elasticity, repairs dry and weak hair and protects against damage caused by mechanical, thermal and
chemical treatments. The Keratrix™ slow release property enables prolonged action with long term benefits. After regular use, the mask addsthickness and shine, reducing split ends and enabling perfect styling without harm.