REVUELE PHARMA HAIR Anti-Dandruff Shampoo with An Anti-Recidivism Action

SKU: 903134

Size: 200 ml, 12 pcs

This product against dandruff of various origins has an anti-recidivism action. The ingredients of this product protect against repeated appearance of dandruff for a long time, because they are stored in the upper layers of your scalp for a long time. It is suitable юг all hair types with an apparent seborrheic problem. This shampoo is created on a mild detergent base containing no SLS. This detergent base does not irritate your scalp even with daily use and preserves the protective coating of each individual hair. The Dandrilys® complex has a high foam index, which considerably increases the foaming of this product. Thanks to the active ingredients – the Dandrilys® Complex and Zinc Pyrithione -this product eliminates dandruff restores the skin barrier, relieves the unpleasant itching, normalises the microflora, regulates the function of the sebaceous glands and eliminates the flaking of the scalp. The Dandrilys® Complex reduces irritation and actively reduces the release of histamine. It perfectly cleans, helps to relax and calms your scalp by reducing the enzyme 5-Lipoxygenase. This shampoo enhances your blood circulation, promotes better nourishment of your hair and due to the D-panthen in this product the function of a moisturising agent is performed. The visible effect of this shampoo is noticeable after the first application. When used systematically (every 2-3 days in a month) this product prevents the repeated appearance of dandruff and improves the health of sensitive skin. The regular treatment of men’s hair and scalp give the feeling of freshness and well-being, providing additional nourishing, moisturising and natural radiance to your hair.