REVUELE AEVIT Multivitamin Cream-Butter for feet

SKU: 902236

Size: 75 ml, 12 pcs

During the cold season, feet skin is particularly prone to dryness, roughness and cracking. This results in itching, flaking and formation of pathogenic bacteria. Pedicure removes calloused layers of the epidermis, however, the skin becomes very thin, and a feeling of tightness appear. In autumn and winter, additional specialized foot care is needed. AEVIT Foot Cream-butter based on urea and lactic acid is the first aid during the cold season. Due to the content of vitamins B2 and B5, the product promotes enhanced healing of minor wounds, cracks, scratches and protects against infection. The complex of vitamins A, E and T softens roughened areas of the epidermis, regenerates and reinforces vascular walls, soothes, nourishes and regenerates the skin intensively. It also imitates the structure of the intercellular substance and therefore provides durable cells interconnection preventing dehydration. Oil complex – shea, Siberian cedar, fir needle – regulates natural moisture level, disinfects, refreshes, provides better blood supply to tissues and balances the skin temperature.Shea butter in the Cream-butter promotes formation of a protective layer on the skin surface, which effectively resists low temperatures. Iodine improves blood circulation, tones the skin and normalizes metabolism.
The product contains optimal amounts of vitamins, minerals, vegetable fatty components that provide a reliable barrier against aggressive environmental factors. The rich texture of this nourishing product creates feet comfort in any weather.