REVUELE AEVIT Multivitamin Cream-Serum for hands

SKU: 902229

Size: 75 ml, 12 pcs

Adverse weather conditions have a negative effect on the hand skin by drying it, creating discomfort, roughness, flaking and feeling of tightness, The result is a persistent allergic reaction to cold; small cracks, roughness and redness appear on the superficial layers of the epidermis. In autumn and winter, skin needs specialized extra care focused on enhanced nourishment and regeneration. Multivitamin Cream Serum is designed as an intensive protection of hand skin during the cold season. The product contains optimal amounts of vitamins, minerals and vegetable fatty components that provide a reliable barrier against aggressive environmental factors. The complex of vitamins A, E, B2 and T renews cells, reinforces vascular walls, soothes and softens the skin. Shea butter promotes formation of a protective layer on the skin surface, which effectively resists low temperatures, helps to improve blood supply to tissues and regulates moisture level. D-Panthenol in the Cream Serum prevents dehydration and restores damaged areas of the epidermis. Gentle organic Shea butter with high content of nutrients and Siberian cedar oil eliminate dryness and cracking of the skin. Iodine improves blood circulation, tones the skin and normalizes metabolism. The rich texture of this nourishing product creates a thin film on the surface of hand skin, leaves no oily residue and provides comfort in any weather.